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Tuesday, 12 April 2011


So. Right, Okay. Ehem. Excuse me. Right. Hmm. Okay, Okay.

Right, so I have been sat here for an hour now. This is getting boring.

I know. I will google my own name.... Nothing. I don't exist. Brilliant.

Ahh... I will google BBC News. Again. Check my nails, go to the toilet, have another Dr Pepper, stare into space, the list of opportunities for time wasting is endless!

The problem is though... I'm on work experience. I'm supposed to, well, work. But when your ignored, that's a little hard to do!

Today wasn't so bad... I got off my arse after the realisation that my only hope was to get up and sort it myself, find a story, find something to do. And boy did I prove them wrong... I got the lead story for one of the pages. Huraah!!!

The problem, the weeny little scandal that does come to mind however is this... if I am such a pain in the arse, and you have nothing for me to do, why why whyyyyy would you agree to have work experience people come in and snoop around and intrude? Yes, training me up for a week is time consuming, and you will get no return from it, but if you aren't going to make my giving away of a weeks worth of free labour worth it, then I would much rather you didn't bother. It makes me angry.

It actually makes me so mad. And frustrated. I have to do work experience to get any where in my career, but it is both time consuming and mind numbingly boring when it is deadline day and nobody wants to help me. I can't pluck a story from thin air believe it or not, I am not a bloody miracle worker! If I could do that, I wouldn't be sat here twiddling my thumbs and thinking of what I'd do if I a, won the lottery and b, got the opportunity to kiss David Beckham (that fantasy is a little too rude so lets keep shhhtum on that one, I would never think of such things at work!!)

So, in future Mr Bigshot employer, I would like a structured day and something helpful/useful to do. (Not that the opportunity isn't appreciated may I add!!)

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