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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Essex Fever

I am literally the laziest blogger EVER... apologies to anyone who reads this! For some odd reason I seem to be constantly busy, it's a never ending stream of stuff! Fun stuff, work stuff, uni stuff, life stuff.

Recently I have worked wayyyy too much - but I do need the dolla so no complaints on that part... but tomorrow I do receive a welcome break... I am going to the land of all things orange, fake and, well, Essex!

That's right lads and ladettes, I'm off to Essex for a boozy night of fun frolics and dancing with my friends from Uni... it's been a good 7 weeks since we last went out together, and, fact is, I'm a little worried... I know for a fact that I will probably end up piled on the floor somewhere, heels in one hand, bad under my arm and drink spilled all down my pretty little dress. Maybe some sick thrown in for good measure! JOKING... I clearly am a lady of class and morals, would never ever take it that far!

Problem is, amongst all the giggles, cocktails and cock-tales (aha, you see what I did there? Clever right? And bloody funny obviously) I know I'll end up stupidly drunk. The next day, I am gunna be stupidly hungover. I have to go to work. I have to catch a train at 9... from Waterloo... I have to get there first from Essex.

Here's my question... will my brain function? Will I be able to process the tube maps and shindigs in time for my train? I'm a dope as it is, let alone with alcoholism and last nights smelly hair mixed in! Will be interesting...

Another problem... I just fake tanned. No joke. I bought St Tropez (as I said, lady of class and morals. got to tan, got to tan properly) and I doused my entire body in its bubbly foaming mousse goodness. I look slightly odd, bit patchy-ish, and alien-like BUT I am praying to the Mayor of Essex that I roll out of bed looking like a post holiday tanned goddess with long legs and long blonde hair and amazing nails... I'm dreaming, obviously! This is me, something has to go wrong, this will more than likely be IT. Pray for me please.

However, after processing all my concerns, I am really really excited to see my friends! There is nothing better than catching up and spending time with your favourite people... and these are for sure mine! There truly is no better remedy for Uni-home-sickness ( aka, when you miss uni loads ) than meeting up with the loonies you miss!

I am too excited to sleep (and yes Laura... I am afraid of the dark... but tonight I'm not scared so much.... bubbling over!!)

Have a great weekend!!! I know I will!!

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