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Monday, 11 July 2011

Kick back, relax, enjoy the summer?

I haven't written in a while... so shoot me... I am so very sorry!

Life goes a bit bonkers around April, exam dread means my life involves looking through books, and trying not to shoot myself. Revision sucks.... however, now the summer is here... examinations for the nations are over and done, and I can relax... kick back even, enjoy a beer? Me... a beer? Of course not, I am a lady... cider obviously is the way forward, hehe!

But no, how wrong I am....

You see, in my drunken state in my first year at Uni, I thought that going out, getting smashed and not revising was a fucking awesome idea.... totally wrong obviously. Don't get me wrong, I revised.... just not enough. I got a first in one exam (yayyyyy and mini woop woop dance in my pants around the house) but I dramatically failed the other, sad face. So... my summer... drum roll please ladies and gents... will be spent, working like a dog to earn back the money Natwest so kindly allowed me to spend, tax free may I add, from my student overdraft, AND revising for a horrible Media Law exam, that is too boring to even contemplate failing again. Grr, annoying much?

So .... this summer, my tan will be minimal, my room will be messy in my revision/working state, where every spare second I have I feel I should be revising, NOT reading Cosmo, but revising, NOT trying to learn how to use false eyelashes, but revising. Definatly NOT downloading Beyonces' new album, then trying to dance like her in my room, BUT revising.

Work work work work work.

To be honest with you... I am far too busy and important doing stupid summery thing to find the time, and the will power, to do it.

If I some how muster up some strength (the inner godly kind, not the manly muscly kind) then I'll be sure to let you know about it.

Now... where have I put Cosmo?

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