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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Face for a fight

As most students can appreciate, the quest for money, and a good day is one that often fails. Today has been a slight exception, with a few bumps along the way...

I work as a waitress. Simple, monotonous but never boring.

I have found since starting this job that working with the general public, something I will be doing for the rest of my life, is hilarious, completely entertaining but frustrating! Today, on my quest for as many tips as possible, I figured I pretty much have a face that seeks a fight. On a ten hour shift, I think two tables liked me and decided to chat to me, the rest, blind passionate hatred for the hand that fed them... ungrateful much?!

Not only did I get faces pulled at me behind my back, poked in the bum with a knife by a child (shocking I know, I feel violated and wish to faint to the floor!) and get shouted at by an old lady for not understanding the impossible monetary task required of me in my oh-so-complex job, but I also got wined and winged at for not letting a customer buy a piece of crockery from our store to take home their food. Great day, brilliant start to making money and being rich, famous and able to buy out Topshop.

So, in my 'relaxed' state and hightened awareness that people were laughing at me (had a herb in my teeth after munching naughties in the kitchen) I arrive home, weary and tired, to cook my simple microwavable curry. Nope, not tonight Charlotte, tonight you will eat puked up cat food, with a few lumps called 'chicken' and oh yeah, you'll be tired and stupid enough to forget to buy rice. So tonight, Michael, I am going to be, crap-curry-no-food-in-the-cupboard-herb-in-teeth-knife-in-bum-face-for-a-fight girl, with the added extra of feeling ill and having a broken shower.

Don'cha just love the student life?

Actually yeah, there are days like these that make me wanna break down and cry, and wish I was back home with my family, but I wouldn't change it for the world. The good days, the excellent ones, or even the simple moments when you can't stop laughing with your friends are enough alone to bring the bad into perspective, and make me see that although, clearly I look like the child who was bullied at school and therefore warrant abuse from random strangers, this is an experience I would seriously regret not doing. Standing on your own two feet is hard (every Friday night especially!), and is often made harder by stupid bumps along the road, but at the end of the route it will all be worth it!

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