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Monday, 28 February 2011

Let the henry, see the hoover!!

I'm sorry.
No honestly, I am SO sorry. 
I have a confession to make. And you are NOT gunna like it. 

I think, actually no, I know, that I am addicted to Paddy McGuinesses one liners on Take Me Out. 

I feel ashamed of myself. Yet, when on the phone to my Mumma, or anyone actually, I can't help but yell them out. We have a Paddy-off. 

Let the wibble, see the wobble. 
Let the plum, see the jam. 
Let the apple, see the pie. 
Let my red embarrassed face, see the door! Let the ceiling see my tonsils!! 

Bad times. Never in my life did I think my level of comedic value would stoop so low, but I just can't stop myself crying with laughter over it! 

What a load off! Phewww, I feel better now ;) 

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  1. charlie add links in, hyperlink Take me out & Paddy etc otherwise, good piece :) xx