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Monday, 28 February 2011

Let Me Entertain You

As Robbie Williams once said "let me entertain you".

We are students, and as students we have nothing to do on those looming evenings, but entertain ourselves in stupid and ridiculous ways for at least four hours, before going to bed as the bin men arrive and rolling to uni tired and looking slightly haggard, with bags big enough to catch muffins, hanging from your eyes.

Those muffin bags, those dear old friends of ours, are acquired through such antics:

1- Ceiling feet. Who will be the first to get both feet on the kitchen ceiling in our flat. Who will be the first? Who will go down in halls history as the ONE who managed a feat no man has ever managed, who is the bravest of the brave, the most fearless of them all, the one, the only, the great king of Cranbourne? Attempts included: handstands, upside down shoulder lifts, climbing on fridges/kitchen sides/cupboards. The winner: headstand on top of the oven with a sofa cushion to protect ones head. Genius.

2- Using the Sugar Puffs cereal box to create eyes, and taking stupid pictures of them to post on Facebook. Sounds boring, but if a baby can be entertained by a cereal box, then so can we, us champions of stupidity!

3- Another cereal box game: placing the empty box on the floor and picking it up with your teeth without falling over, kneeling or placing hands on floor. Each level sees the box being destroyed, as it gets smaller, the game gets more intense! Buy your cereal box now on www.cerealboxgame.idiot.com (smallprint: this game includes small parts and should not be attempted by anyone younger than 18, sober, not flexible or fat)

4- Catch the ball. Simple, yet very effective when new hall-way rules are instilled. Our hall is quite small, so if your lanky enough your feet can touch both sides: aim of the game, don't move your feet, but catch the ball, otherwise picking it up is gunna be a tricky move. This isn't one of our finer games, but when your a bottle of wine in and listening to cheesy pop its brilliant. Score!!

5- Bounce the coin into the glass. Contribute some of your (alcoholic) beverage before hand and nominate. Coin goes in, poor sucker has to drink. If not, the game goes on. Results in scandalously dirty pints, pre party vomiting and oh yeah, extreme drunkenness.

There are many more, but these were the few that tickled the pickle. Enjoy.

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