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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gypsy Scandal Shocker

Standing outside in the crisp evening air, the sun slowly setting across the golden sandy beach in the distance, I stared at the huge pile of vomit on the ground.
That's right, my evening, was ruined, my sanity was ruined...here is why...

Each weekend I work ridiculous hours to make some dolla for my weekly Primark fix. Each time I work I happen to stumble across a drama or scandal. Typical situation in my life. Today, was no exception to that rule.

Ever watched Big Fat Gypsy Weddings?

Click here to sneak a peek. Essential equipment required for viewing: a sense of humour, a pillow to cringe in to and a glass of water to cure your side splitting laughter.

Ya know, with the enormous dresses, strange traditions and awful Irish sounding accents. Yeah, that one (feel free to cringe your way into the back of your armrest in sheer anguish at the awful-ness that IS that program. Confession: I do love it though, so dramatic). Ever tried serving them at the dinner table... that's right boys and girls, tonight my shift was about to get real ugly.

3 women, 5 kids, 1 very drunk teenager.
8 slices of pizza, 2 pastas, 1 Magners IRISH cider.
1 lovely evening, 1 beautiful sunset, 2 working waitresses, 1 table sitting in front of the window over looking the beauty that was this evening, 1 very drunk woman, throwing her guts up across the pavement and ruining everything.

Drunk gypsy lady threw up. Oh no. What a calamity. Never ever heard of that happening before! Hang on, and her son pissed all over it, in the street. In front of the restaurant. Where people were eating?!!

I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but *insert exclamatory swear phrase starting in what, ending in uck*?
Please, please locate a toilet, or in fact, just don't try and wangle your way into normal civilisation.

They say on the show they want people to accept them for what they are, to understand their culture and to respect that they are no different from us. They say that us 'normal' non-travelling people just miscompute their ways, read them wrongly and therefore judge them based on stereotypical prejudice. I'm sorry, but no. Cut the crap please gyp-famz, we ain't taking none of that. To respect your culture, first of all you need to have one. To not be judged by society, you need to adhere to the norms and values set by modern day society (within reason obviously). To not be classed as gypo's, gypsies, filth/scum of planet earth and a shrivelling kind of rat then you need to actually earn it. Prove us 'normals' wrong. Prove it, or else find yourself shrinking into the distance, keys to your 9metre caravan in tow.


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