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Friday, 18 March 2011

The Cure

There is nothing like catching up with an old friend to make yourself feel better!

Recently, I've been finding things a bit of a struggle - uni has been killing me, I've been homesick, missing people and missing the stupid things we used to do.

So, this weekend I've decided to come home (oh, it's also my birthday on Tuesday so that's another good reason) in the hope that a bit of time away can cure me. I wanna see my family, catch up with everyone who used to be a part of my daily routine, listen to music in my car, do stupid stupid things with my sister that no-one else would understand (drawing on our faces in eyeliner ring any bells haha!) and just chill out away from the stress of my course!

This morning, myself and one of my best friends form home decided to pig out on a good old McDonalds breakfast - yum!! So after stuffing ourselves with egg and bacon mcmuff's ;) and hash browns, we glanced across the table at each other...
"You still hungry?"
"What's wrong with us!?"
Cue us cracking up laughing and going back for another greasy but oh-so-good round of fat filled breakkie!

That's something I've missed - being around people who know you better than you do, like the back of their hand!

Tonight, I'm going on a night out with my three closest friends, and I can safely say nothing has had me this excitable in the last three months! It's not the night out that I'm looking forward to though, it's seeing them and knowing I can completely relax! I can feel this weekend is going to be a good one, and I know it WILL cure my uni blues!

Bring on the cocktails ...

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