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Friday, 11 March 2011


Watching the eyes flicker from girl to girl, model to model, it is clear to see the only thing on peoples minds at the glamourous shows... look how skinny they all are. 
Models to me, are like an alien species. Tall, skinny, beautiful. Noses and cheeks bone sharp enough they look as though they could cut through concrete.
Clothes hang across their skeletal frames, and somehow, society thinks this looks good. This is the look we all want to achieve. We want that same unique-ness, that cool model vibe, the sharp structured faces.

In my head, I know it is disgusting how the modelling industry demands skinny as skinny can be, near death thin-ness and skeletal, boyish bodies. They are not women's bodies. Yet, I want to be them, I would give an awful lot to be able to do what they do, look how they look, be them. And I can't get into my head why!? I can't reason with it, I can't justify it. I know it is wrong, I know it's sick, but at the same time I can't help but lust after the 'look' of the minute, wishing I could pull that off.

I am confident in saying, that I know every female has a body hang up, something they truly loathe about themselves. All of us do, there is always someone better, something else we could be. But isn't it sad that girls as young as ten are developing eating disorders, wishing they were that thin, all because of the models we see on the catwalks?

I'm a size ten. Normal sized girl right? Yet I can't help but freak out if I put on a teeny layer of podge, or if I have to buy something in a size 12. The fear of getting big is instilled right inside me.
Point the finger down the catwalk.

Girls are screwed up body image wise. I wish there was something we could do... but the modelling industry isn't about to change anytime soon, the size zero campaign fazed out after a year and now scouts are back to their old tricks.

Models are supposed to be a role model, an inspiration.
Wrong, they are a thinspiration. And it really bugs me.

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