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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Delirious Sunshine Fever

Okay, so I know most of the time I seem pretty delirious anyway - and maybe a bit mental, but I swear, as soon as those sunshine rays hit my skin it brings something new in me!

I wanna sit on the beach, wanna read magazines endlessly, wanna listen to more music than usual (and that's a lot... I'm mildly obsessed with the tunes!), eat ice pops until my tongue turns orange, wear flip flops - I don't care if it's only March, party until the early hours, dance and drink with my friends (okay that's nothing new)! I think I have a severe case of sunshine delirium.

Turning into a crazy person as soon as the sun comes out doesn't seem to restrict itself to just me though - I live near the beach which has it's benefits, and one trip down there on a day of hazy rays proves my point.
Blokes with their tops off - I'm not complaining, if your fit, please do continue, but really? 18 degrees ain't exactly hot is it - so in future, save your pasty post winter skin for the sun-bed, and only get half naked when your confident in your tanning abilities thank you!
People eating fish and chips I understand, but a que half way down the beach for the ice cream stand - just because the sun is out - bit mental? Okay, that one probably isn't, I do understand the love of ice cream, I am a female after all.
Girls in shorts, strappy tops and flip flops. Right ladies, I know that we are all completely desperate to wack out the summer wardrobe - it has more colours, is far more exciting and definitely more flattering, but let's be sensible for once shall we? It is NOT hot enough to get ya legs out love, nor is it acceptable to break the boobs OR legs rule, during the day! No wonder you've got sand in your pants. I have no sympathy.

Basically, the entire country goes down with severe sunshine delirium and just gets naked on the beach, down the shops etc etc! That's my conclusion, everyone just wants to get naked!!

I am putting an end to it here and now, enough is enough, my eyes are burning and boggling at the sheer amount of flesh on show for this time of year. This must be the only explanation for such madness. Blame the sunshine.

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