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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Alright, so recently I've become a bit of a slacker.
A bit of a lazy typical student, waking up at 4 in the afternoon and wondering where the hell I am!? I've spent days doing absolutely nothing productive, yet going to bed with a sense of unexplainable achievement. I've cooked myself chicken and chips, thinking it would work out, and managing to burn the crap out of everything! I've thrown away two saucepans in the past two days with my useless culinary efforts. I am not made for domestication. I've sat down and ripped trousers, broken my phone, dropped my mascara down the toilet, smashed my bronzer, stubbed my toes on the corner of the wall, left the salad in the fridge to grow new salad. Do feel free to laugh at my mis-fortune, luckily I am seeing the funny side!
I can't understand what's come over me recently, but it's fair to say I do NOT enjoy it. I wanna be Mrs. Motivator, I want that on my mailbox when I am old and grey!!

So, in this state of hopeless despair, I am clearly getting nowhere. Clearly, something needs to be changed. I either need a huge wack up the ass with a wellington boot... or something to happen to click things back into place!

Well, today has been my urika moment!

Not only did I wake up after a messy night with no signs of a hangover (bloody miracle after the game we played - 100 shots of punch in 100 minutes anyone!? yeah, no.) but I also woke up to a room filled with sunshine (in my drunken state I forgot to close the curtains apparently, wow) and it made me think - hello, good morning! Let's do something!

Finally little miss lazy boots has got her mojo back!!

I wanna do well, I wanna get things done instead of being a total bum, I wanna be productive!!

So, although recently I have been partying hard, now I've realised it's time to work hard too. Work hard, party hard! yeahhh babyyyy!!!!!

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