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Monday, 28 March 2011

Insult Slipper

"It's okay, there's no shame in eating a whole dessert to yourself. Enjoy."
- Me, tonight. At work. To a very, very fat man.

I'm sorry.

Why, why why why whyyyyy why why did I feel the need to make this poor poor man feel bad about himself? Yes, he was abnormally large, and yes, about to indulge in 2500 worth of calories, after eating two courses of junk food. Yes, his thighs probably did NOT fit on that chair, which was groaning under the weight of him. Yes, he needs help. THIS CAKE IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU, may have been less subtle. Oops. I genuinely feel bad but for some reason it kind of just slipped out.

For the rest of the night I just kept out-doing myself with insults aimed at customers - to their faces. Not subtle ones either... EG
"would you like two spoons? oh, it's just for you." and "is that pizza to share? No? Are you sure, it's pretty big? Oh, okay, you've been here before..."
Brilliant. So not only do I add weight to the obese, I then abuse them about it.

I don't understand, I am never usually rude (okay, I can be when I set my mind to it but this doesn't count, this was an accident) so why,!? Why did my brain think that those sentences would be okay uttered aloud? So that real people could actually hear me!?

I feel so guilty, and I am hoping this little confession can ease my mind so that at some point tonight I may get some shut eye.

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